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Tarot cards long have been a divinatory means to read the impressions of one's personal life. With origins dating back to 14th century Italy, the 78 card deck is an insightful guide through troubled thoughts and emotions. Although many can attempt to read the cards themselves, Janet's expertise and in-depth understanding of the cards make her your best bet in getting the clearest reading.

Psychics have been a part of the world's history for centuries. Clairvoyants, such as Janet, have an innate, unique ability to tap into one's past, present, and future through heightened spirtitual sensitivy.These intuitive senses allow her to read your state of being and help her guide you to success.

Let Janet guide you into the depths of your consciousness back to your previous life, where many of the root causes of emotional stuggle may lie. Through meditative therapy, discover why your present problems and tribulations may have much to do with the unresolvd turmoil from your past.

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